Welcome to Okapi (pronounced /oʊˈkɑːpiː/)! Okapi Professional African.Braiding is located in the Outskirts of Pittsburgh, precisely in East Liberty and is owned and operated by Mama Adeline Kombo.
Mama Adeline is a native of Congo and brings her own unique African styles to greater Pittsburgh. Okapi uniqueness comes from the fact that hair is braided using the same exact principles established by African...

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“I love to get my hair and my daughter’s hair braided at Okapi. They are professional, and really take their time to do braid. Everything is done so naturally here! Beside doing hair, I enjoy watching African music and movies, which really feed my curiosity about Africa! Okapi rocks!”

Tamara J. Oakland


Our contacts

Okapi East Liberty:

5968 Baum Blvd, East Liberty PA 15206

Tel: 412-361-6527

Okapi Shadyside:

5510 Centre Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15232